Building your business

What if you could build your business on the side in a professional setting during hours you choose?  You can build up your clientele as quickly or as slowly as you decide.  When Onda Serena Wellness was created, we knew we wanted to make helping practitioners start their own business one of our goals.  

We developed a plan to get you transitioned to a self-employed life.

We offer furnished rooms that operate on a daily rental.  You choose the days you set up appointments with no lease.  Your room is professional, inviting, and relaxing.  Music, laundry, and client refreshments are provided for you.  Start out one day a week, evenings, or just every other weekend.  Build your clientele until you're ready to lease your own room full time.

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Daily Rental

Studio Hapi

This treatment room is 10' by 10' and comes furnished.  You have access to the room from 9am to 9pm.  During your day all the following are provided:

  • Linens and towels

  • Laundry service

  • Double towel warmer

  • Massage style table with warmer

  • Zen music or a bluetooth speaker to stream your own music choice 


$50 per day


Daily Rental

Studio Matzu

This office studio is 8' by 10' and is furnished with a desk and two chairs for appointments.  You have access to the room from 9am to 9pm.  This studio is perfect for a health coach, life coach, or nutritionist/dietitian looking to start out or expand into the Houston Bay Area market.

$40 per day

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