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How to create retail packages that actually sell

Has this closure made you think about how to make income when you're not working on someone? Having passive income is very important for the lifeblood of your business, because you can't be with everyone all the time. The personal service industry is competitive and can be very taxing on your body. You literally can only work on someone for a certain amount of time of each day. You must eat and sleep also. And you deserve to make a great income doing it. Creating retail packages will bring your expertise directly into client's homes.

Here's 5 tips on making retail care packages for clients:

1. Use products you already use in your treatments. If you use special oils or products in your service, your clients will already know the value these products have because they've experienced it first hand.

2. Order sample sizes from manufacturers. Check with your manufacturer to see if they offer prepackaged samples. These will be the easiest things to use to make your packages.

3. Create custom packages. Your packages don't have to contain only 1 product brand. You know exactly what your clients challenges are and why they come to you. Create custom packages tailored to these needs. The best part is that your client won't be able to find it anywhere else!

4. Check with your insurance if you repackage products. If you are taking some of your back bar and repackaging it into small sample sizes, it is possible that your insurance won't cover any liability for those products. Send them a quick email to verify that you're still covered.

5. Check your local craft store for packaging. Make your home care pack pop with unique boxes or bags to contain everything! Look at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for their 50% off times. They usually have t

he sizes you'd be looking for in jewelry or gift packaging.

These offerings really are things that will set you apart from other practitioners as a provider that cares for their well being beyond your treatment room. If you need help finding places to get retail products from download my business resource guide here.

Much wellness-preneur succes to you!

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