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4 ways you can dominate your niche

What does that even mean, dominate your niche? It's like a corporate cliche. What it really means is that your clients needs are met so extremely well, they never even consider seeing someone else. It means that you have carved a name for yourself in stone that every client who fits your ideal profile immediately wants to see you. Does this sound like something you'd like to build your business on? Here's a few tips to stake your claim.

1. Create a system to check up on your clients. 99% of the time when a client goes to see a service provider, they never hear from them again. You can very, very easily set yourself apart from the herd by just saying thanks for giving me a chance. Mail them a thank you card, but make it branded and personal. Are you a massage therapist? Send them a card with a individually wrapped relaxation tea. Esthetician? A card with an undereye mask. Reiki worker? Write them a personalized mantra to focus on until they see you again. Health coach? Send them a recipe to help them with their diet needs. Chiropractor? How about a stretch to help work their joints back out. This does not have to be expensive, but it does need to be special. You can easily make systems to manage this. Keep a list of all your new clients and write the notes once a week. Let clients know you're welcoming them to your tribe!

2. Hours of operation. Can you make some work hours that make seeing you easier? Can you offer one really early morning so client's can see you before work? This can work really well for appointments like lash fills or other maintenance appointments. How about a late evening for "messy" appointments like wraps or head massages. You can even think about offering extended

hours at premium pricing. Getting requests after being booked up? Contact your wait list on a Sunday you don't have anything else going on and offer to open up, but at an additional 10% premium pricing.

  1. 3. Do some networking. Can you work with someone to make it easier for your clients to see you? Can you offer an outreach event at a local business? Do chair massage outside a complimentary business at lunch? Can you work with a local juicing restaurant and collect clients orders to give out to your morning appointments? What about local take and bake caterers? Can you contact evening clients to see if they'd like to place an order with them and you'll pick it up in the morning, refrigerate it, and have it ready to go when they leave your service? This doesn't have to be something that costs you money. You don't need to

buy clients breakfast or dinner. You can just be the place they pick it up. If your ideal client is a busy working mom, and you give them the ability to come see you and still have a home cooked meal, you have a serious edge. And all it costs you is some time finding your network and picking up orders in the morning.

4. Personalized retail packages. Clients come to see us for relief for something in their life. Whether its pain, stress, or beautification, these are all things that follow them home. Most of our services will not completely rid the client of their pain point for the rest of their life with just one visit. Because of this, home care is really important. Being a solo practitioner gives you the edge of knowing your clients extremely well, which means you can craft customized home care for them. Create business cards showing stretches you typically recommend for clients and put that with healing salves. Create stress relief packs with candles or aromatherapy bath treatments to put with mantras to soothe their minds. Create mini-meditations on YouTube for them to listen to with your healing stones. You are a wealth of knowledge in your field and clients are looking for someone who really gets them and their issues.

Being a solo wellness-preneur has distinct advantages and being able to really niche down is definitely one of them. If you need help finding your exact ideal client profile, download my free workbook here

to figure it out.

Much wellness-preuneur success to you!

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