Let It Go
Savasana Sound Journey

Let go of the trauma and emotion that no longer serves you.  Savasana is known as the "corpse pose" in yoga.  This is the pose that connects your entire body to the earth and her energy.

In this position our bodies are able to shed the unwanted blocks that are holding us back from becoming the person we desire to be.

Niki guides you through a meditation journey with the healing sounds of her Tibetan bowls and helps you work through your subconscious mind blocks.

At the end, you rise feeling recalibrated and lighter, connected to your higher self and divine purpose.

Every First Sunday at 11:30am



Trust Your Intuition Savasana Sound Journey

Do you have trouble trusting your own gut feelings? Our intuition is connected to our own self confidence and taking the time to listen to our own inner voice.

During this Savasana journey you'll be guided by Niki through a meditative state with Tibetan signing bowls.  Niki will teach you how to quiet your mind, find your spirit guides, and begin to trust in your own intuitive nature.

Every Third Sunday at 11:30am


Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor