Current Availabilities

No matter where you are on your journey, we want to help!

We offer 6 to 18 month leases to match your current business needs. 

The facility boasts:

-24/7 access to your studio

-On site camera system

-Waiting area for clients complete with beverage and snack bar

-Internet access

-Break room with microwave & refrigerator

-On site laundry

Full time leases come with:

-Rental agreements from 6-12 months long.

-Two weeks yearly to use at your discretion rent free with 12 month lease.

-Table linens & towels provided.

-Laundry done for you.

-Access to our onsite library of business and marketing resources.

-24/7 access to your studio, allowing you to choose the hours that work best for you and your clients.

-Access to marketing outreach events

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Suite Boann

Currently Available Furnished or Unfurnished

This suite is named after the Irish water Goddess Boann, who is linked to inspiration.

It is a 10' by 10' room that has a sink.  You can choose to have it furnished with a massage style table, chair, stool, wall decor, and towel warmer, or bring all your own furnishings.

Included in your monthly rent are table linens and towels with laundry service done for you.

Monthly rates start at $700 per month and a security deposit of $150 is required.

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