Can You See Yourself Here?

Our mission is to create a facility that brings wellness to the community and empowers practitioners to build businesses they love.

Our recipe starts out with an environment that oozes wellness.  We created a center that invites clients in, calms their spirits with soothing music, uplifting aromatherapy, and the gentle sounds of a waterfall.  Always clean and fresh, clients feel at home and are able to relax in the surroundings.

Next we added support for passionate practitioners.  We understand the trials and tribulations of wellness entrepreneurs, because we ARE practicing wellness entrepreneurs.  We offer leases that give rent free "vacation time", host community events for you to bring in new clientele, and provide laundering services to save you time and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Our final ingredients are practitioners on fire for what they do.  We lease to entrepreneurs that have a desire to make an impact on the wellness industry.  We look for people that are supportive of their neighbors and want to foster an environment of cooperation.  We want practitioners that truly care about their clients well being and take pride in their work.

If it sounds like you might have found your tribe, check us out more at the links below:

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